Media Convergence

22 Sep


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Evolution from cassettes to CDs; video tapes to Blu-Ray disks; newspapers & magazines to online portals – media convergence has occurred in our societies ever since a decade ago. The development of technology and online networks had given us a clearer view of media convergence – at least in the physical form. We are merely shifting to a digital age. Everything is being migrated online. Multi-tasking is becoming more and more common. We do it, not because we want to, but just because we can. However, as Jenkins highlighted in his article “The Cultural Logic of Media Convergence” — “media convergence is more than simply a technological shift”. The fact is, the frequent use of the technology and online network had given us a bigger spotlight on the fact of media converging within the same companies, the same franchises, as well as the same consumers themselves.

Being one of the generation Ys, my childhood and most of my teenage years were constituted of the exposure towards technological shift. Before I know it, writing evolves into typing and speaking evolves into texting. Everything was shifted online. It was almost a trend. A trend of “if you are not online, you are outdated“. But today, it was no longer a trend, it is a need. A need to be online to get things done. I remember 10 years back, a cell phone is merely a cell phone. A cell phone was only for callings, and individuals back then don’t really use their cell phones for texting. But today, we see the evolution of the cell phone from merely a telecommunication device to…. a mini laptop. Instead of asking what we can do with our new cell phones, why not we ask what we cannot do with our new-evolved cell phones? Thus, it’s undeniable that we are shifting – media companies becoming more diverged and consumers (us) becoming more converged. Now, is this phenomenal a threat? Or a bless?




Creative Industries

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As future mass communicators, it is unavoidable that we will end up in the creative industries in the future. Public relations, marketing, advertising, broadcasting. But one of the most vital responsibility for mass communicators like us would be the ability toconnect and approach the audiences. What we can see today is more demands from the consumers. “The more, the better“. The function your cell phone has, the better. This is the mindset of most consumers today. Why wouldn’t anyone want to buy a device with all the functions in it? Camera, calendar, movies-viewing, messaging, Internet, calls. You name it. Everything is gathering in one specific location. Just because the technology allows it. But even so, huge corporations such as Microsoft and Sony are still struggling – they have the technology to put everything in, but the question is, what to include? For instance, what functions in a PlayStation will make a good present for our grandparents?What do consumers want?





Media Conglomerates

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Just because we can, we do it. Time Warner, Viacom, Warner Bros. Huge companies are indeed taking advantage of media convergence in expanding their impact and business revenue worldwide. For instance, Warner Brothers is doing more than just movies, they are also investing in music, games, toys, books, and a lot more. But the main concern here is, these huge media corporations – dominating most of the media around the globe – are already huge and superior enough, what would happen to the growing small businesses who are just out there to seek a chance? This is indeed worrying. As media conglomerates become bigger, the societies’ imbalance expand in the same time.







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As Jenkins highlighted, “media convergence impacts the way we consume the media“. Indeed. Aren’t we multitasking in every second of our lives? Even now when I am typing this blog entry, I have my Facebook on, my music blasting out loud, and even my email tab on to reply mails. Just because we can, we do it. Is this a threat? Or a blessing? Threat. Possible. Because even when we are doing our assessments, we tend to open our social network sites in the same time, and this eventually leads to distraction. Blessing. Yes. It helps us get our work done. It is an endless debate on this issue, but what we can be certain is that media convergence has provided the chance for consumers to not only multitask (all-in-one) but also to make decisions. To change the media industries rule. To be heard.

Media convergence had occurred long time ago even before the development of today’s technology. The Star had been asking opinions from the readers regarding any articles they published on the newspapers; polls had been set up for the reality TV show audiences to choose their favorites (such as beauty pageants). Ever since decades ago, media convergence is already happening. This is old news. But what we can do now, is looking into these convergence and see how both the industry and the consumers can get the most out of it. For instance, computer games and online games companies had been taking the consumers account and opinions as part of their game development process and they had been doing really good compared to the record industry, which undeniably, sales are inclining and values are lost.






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In the end of the day, media industries have to talk to their audiences. Taking audiences into their development stage might just be one useful tactics in ensuring that they provide audiences with what they want instead of what the media industries want them to see. There must be a balance. Because in the end of the day, audiences’ loyalty will eventually belong to the media avenue they are more committed to, and in order to gain this, media industries must know the strategies in getting their audiences involve, allowing them to have a say. Not forgetting that old media never dies, they simply evolve. Newspaper never dies, there’s still a need to read them, but today it’s presenting itself in a better form – the online newspaper; Television never dies, we still enjoy being a couch potato sitting in front of our TVs watching our favorite shows with our families; Radio never dies, we still need them to accompany us during our driving journey; Books never die, we still want to feel the touch of papers and smell the unique books smell when we indulge into our escapade. They never die, they evolved.





One Response to “Media Convergence”

  1. irenechia October 20, 2012 at 1:36 pm #

    Totally agree with you that due to the media convergence, we can do anything with your smart phones, laptops and others. Of course multi-task is not a problem for us now. While waiting for a website to load, we can look for another websites and listening to songs. We can now do a lot of things in one time. However, with the advance technology, people now will be very dependable to technology. Since we can get anything from our smart phones or laptops, some people might prefer to stay at home and do whatever they want. Interactivity between friends will be lessen because we can just chat with friends by using text messaging, whatsapp or skype.

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