Feudalisation of the Internet

4 May

The Internet today has many use. It’s a place for socializing, education, entertainment and many more. The Internet today is also used for political communication. In Malaysia, our General Election takes place once every few years. In year 2008, the 12th General Election took place and the opposition parties, PKR, DAP and PAS had developed a tactic to be more influential through the use of the World Wide Web (Suffian 2009).

As the 13th General Election in Malaysia is taking place in a few days time, it can be seen that all the parties are using the internet as a source for their campaign. Facebook, YouTube and Twitter are the main websites used by political parties in their campaign to upload videos, posters and messages. A few examples can be seen below:

Do you know why political parties are using the Internet as a main source for their campaign?

As most if us are using smartphones, we have the access to the Internet 24/7 everyday. With just a touch away, we are able to view news and videos on the Internet. What’s more is that with social networking sites like Facebook, users tend to share pictures and links of video for other users to view and also share. Through this method, it has allowed a hype to be created. Therefore, political parties has chosen the use of Internet to promote their campaign to increase word of mouth and also popularity.


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